Engineer of EcoleCentrale de Paris (promotion 1979) with speciality in Electonics&Electrotechnics

Main professional activities

·         March 2011 to now: MEDGRID, Strategy Director for Infrastructures and Technologies.

·         2004 – 2011: RTE International, subsidiary of RTE

o    Deputy Head of International Relations and Development.Twining with Turkey

o    International Project Director.Projects in Algeria, Polynesia, Morocco, China…

·         2000 – 2004: RTE, Réseau de Transport d’Electricité

o    Finance & Management Control Department Manager.Project manager of the design and implementation of the quality management system of the Finance Directorate, and member of the Steering Committee of the Finance Directorate Information System.

·         1992 – 2000: EDF, Generation & Transmission Direction

o    Project Manager, Transmission Asset Management.Definition of the asset management strategy and policies.

o    Network Development Department Manager in Lyon.In charge of the preparation of the regional unbundling between generation and transmission.

o    Regional Transmission Network Branch Manager.Definition of policies and regional reporting.

o    International Project Manager.Zaire-Egypt interconnection feasibility studies. Projects in Algeria, Taiwan, Argentina…

o    EHV & HV substation design Division Manager.Responsible for design and construction policies.

·         1980 –1990: EDF Research & Development Division,

o    HVDC Group Manager.Responsible for the R&D tools (digital and analog HVDC system models)

o    HVDC Research Engineer, in charge of engineering studies and commissioning of the cross Channel 2000 MW HVDC interconnection(1986). Contribution to the first multiterminal HVDC link studies (SACOI - 1987).

Contributions to CIGRE

·         October 2013 - now: CIGRE, Manager of the Central Office (part time).

·         2009 to now: French National Committee of CIGRE, Secretary General & Treasurer.

·         2011 to now: CIGRE Study Committee B4 Convener of WG B4-56: “Guidelines for the preparation of “connection agreements” or “Grid Codes” for HVDC grids.”

·         2002 - 2012: CIGRE Technical Committee, Secretary of the Technical Committee.

·         1998 to 2002: CIGRE Technical Committee, Assistant of the Technical Committee Chairman.

·         1990 to 1997: CIGRE Study Committee 14, Member of JWG CIGRE-IEEE 14-07.

·         1982 to 1993: CIGRE Study Committee 14, Secretary and then Convener of WG 14-03: “Filtering and reactive power compensation”.

Contributions to other organizations

·         EcoleCentrale de Paris, Assistant of the power engineering Professor (1981 – 1986) 

·         SEE Member since 1982

·         IEEE FACTS Award jury member since 1998


·         2004: CIGRE Technical Committee Award (for achievements in the Technical Committee).

·         2004: CIGRE Distinguished Member.

·         1995: CIGRE Technical Committee Award (for achievements in Study Committee 14 – HVDC links)