President of CIGRE Michel Augonnet participated online as a speaker at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

june 8, 2021

The President of CIGRE Michel Augonnet took part at the session Global Electric Power Industry of the New Time: Challenges and Opportunities which was held with the support of the Russian company PJSC ROSSETI at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The main topic of the event was the strategic priorities of the electric power industry in the context of the new economic reality, the development of digital technologies, and changes in consumer behavior patterns.

Among the speakers were also:

  • Nikolay Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
  • Andrey Ryumin, General Director, Chairman of the Management Board, Rosseti
  • Fedor Opadchiy, Chairman of the Board, System Operator of the United Power System
  • Andrey Vagner, Chairman of the Board, General Director, T Plus
  • Vladislav Onishchenko, President, Center for Strategic Research Foundation
  • Markus Rauramo, President, Chief Executive Officer, Fortum
  • Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric

The participants had the opportunity to discuss how to maintain competitiveness, flexibility, and reliability of energy systems both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic? Moreover, the speakers could exchange the experience on such important issues like generation using renewable energy sources grew, decentralization continued, new management technologies were employed, and new market players emerged, this indicates a long-term trend, or a temporary phenomenon? Are the Russian and global power sectors ready for an overhaul? What role should the government play in these processes? And many others.

Michel Augonnet answering the moderators questions noted that the improving environmental friendliness, reducing the carbon footprint and improving the efficiency and reliability of electricity supply are among the most pressing issues on the agenda of the global electric power industry. Based on these tasks, it is necessary to actively develop appropriate technologies, as well as work together on the problem of integrating power systems using high-voltage AC and DC networks.

Another important area that ensures the reliability of power systems in the future is the operational, technical and repair maintenance of electric power facilities, and this aspect should not be forgotten in any case. A separate important area is competent operational management. Energy companies should ensure regular monitoring of the functioning of all elements of the energy system, as well as control the modes of generation and consumption of energy, ensuring the most optimal and cost-effective energy distribution.

Each country chooses its own path of development of the electric power industry, based on the existing technological structure, the availability of energy resources, the pace of economic development, geographical and other individual characteristics. The energy system needs to be developed in the direction of reducing the carbon footprint, but at the same time not to forget about the interests of consumers that was the conclusion reached by all participants of an interesting and informative discussion.

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