International Council on Large Electric Systems CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques CIGRE) is the largest international non-profit Association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems. CIGRE membership is open to all individuals, companies and organizations wishing to join the professional network. CIGREs organizational model is based on creation of National Committees, which are administrative intermediaries between the members and the Central Office in Paris.

USSR joined CIGRE in 1923, when the Soviet delegates participated in the Session for the first time. The Soviet National Committee was established by the Administrative Council in 1957. Functions of the Soviet National Committee on representing the national interests at CIGRE were traditionally performed by the governmental entities (i.e. Ministries of the industry). In 1992 these functions were assumed by RAO UES of Russia and in 2008 passed to SO UPS. September 2, 2015 Chairman of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System Andrey E. Murov headed Russian National Committee of CIGRE.

Russian National Committee (RNC CIGRE) as a legal entity was established in 2003. At present the Committee counts over 60 collective and over 460 individual members.

RNC CIGRE aims to represent the national interests at CIGRE and to assist in exchanging technical knowledge, experience and feedback in various fields of CIGRE activity for all its members.

RNC CIGRE's Mission includes the following tasks:

  • to join efforts of experts and organizations of the national electric industry within the fields of study by CIGRE;
  • to contribute to the national scientific research and development in the field of HV and EHV electricity generation and transmission;
  • to promote strategic tasks on the national electric industry development;
  • to combine and implement the world experience and good practices of electric industry development with regard to its economical, technical, ecological and other aspects;
  • to participate in the international events held by CIGRE and other organizations in order to obtain access to the latest scientific and technical information and to represent the latest national achievements in the industry;
  • to promote projects initiated by national and foreign organizations and experts in the field of electric power engineering;
  • to assist in technical, economical, political, sociological research work and to cooperate with governmental, public and industrial entities for the benefit of the industry.